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Uninsured Patient Information

Payment Information

Diversity Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center, and therefore offers eligible patients discounts on their services. This assistance is only available to those who qualify and provide the required documentation of household size and income.  Sliding fees cannot be calculated without acceptable proof of income.

Fee Discounts

What is a fee discount?

Diversity Health Center is not a "free clinic." Fees are necessary to provide services to all patients who need care. Federal law and regulations require that we charge fees so that the cost of delivering services is equal to that amount charged to patients. All patients are expected to pay at least a nominal fee for care provided.

How does a patient qualify for fee discounts?

Patients with insurance pay as they would at any other medical office. Uninsured or under insured (patients with high out-of-pocket expenses) pay for care at Diversity Health Center based on a graduated scale determined according to household size and income. An application must be completed and documentation of income and household size provided in order to qualify for discounts. Failure to bring documentation or insurance information will make it necessary to charge full fees for services provided.

The fee discount opportunity is based on Federal Poverty Guidelines which are usually changed each year. Certain individuals with insurance coverage may qualify for fee discounts. Out-of-pocket costs - deductibles and co-payments - may be eligible for discounts after insurance is filed and payment information received. Those with insurance who may qualify are required to make application and provide documentation of household size and income.

All patients discounts are calculated using criteria based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Annual documentation is required since these guidelines are updated annually.IF YOUR SITUATION CHANGES DURING THE YEAR (JOB LOSS, NEW JOB, FAMILY SIZE, ETC.) YOU SHOULD PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION SO THAT YOUR DISCOUNT CAN BE ADJUSTED.

What is included as “income?”

Gross income - the amount before any deductions - is used to determine eligibility, ANY money received by any family member must be included to calculate total household income. Generally, you must bring proof of wages and /or salary earned, benefits payments such as SSI, unemployment, disability, retirement, etc. Examples of acceptable documents are: W2s, check stubs, letter from DFCS with award information, Worker’s Compensation statements, etc.

When must I provide documentation?

You should bring documentation to your first office visit or anytime your situation changes. Proof of income expires, unless there has been qualifying changes, one year from the date it was received.

Does my Discount Change?

If your income, household size, or the Federal Poverty Guidelines change, your discount will be recalculated. Failure to bring documentation of changes in household size or income will make it necessary to bill you the full cost of all services provided.

Can I be considered for discounts if I have Insurance or Medicare?

If you complete the application form and provide required documentation, Diversity Health Center will file your insurance. Once the insurance is paid, any amount owed by the patient will be billed at the discounted amount. Patients are expected to pay the appropriate fee discount at the time of their visit.

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